Invoicing, Payslip, Contract Management, Employee Management, Alerts (Permit & Passport Expiry) & Report

Effectively calculate billing and payroll based on time card entry

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    We are a Pure Play vendor with single product focus. We have domain experts and researchers with vision and focus to continuously add value to the product.

  • User Friendliness

    Organizations choosing our products need not employ certified professionals to operate and teach others. It can be operated by anybody

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    It does not take years to implement our products. With disciplined project management, we are able to ensure that the Product can quickly

The unique advantage of MPM System is its end-to-end 'manpower management' approach.

This ensure that the resources are managed and deployed effectively. Calculate payrolls and bills for deployed resources.

Client & Employee

  • Create and manage client and employee details.

  • Store and retrieve details such as contact person, address and etc

  • Each client information can be coupled with their branch office and contact details.

  • Employee details such as qualifications, special permit requirements and skill certificates can be managed.

Time & Payroll

  • Manage time card entry for employees working at client site.

  • Calculate payroll based on hours and days worked.

  • Create pay slip for employees based on your company requirements.

Contract & Invoice

  • Manage pricing and billing with clients

  • Manage contracts based on projects with individual clients

  • Generate Invoice based on total man hours spent for clients

Alerts & Reports

  • Get notified based on the various expiry dates

  • Notification on unpaid invoices and unbilled hours

  • Generate various report with charts


  • Create and manage new users with contact details

  • Assign user with access rights

  • Other special rights such as void invoice or payslip and overall control.

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