Invoicing, Recurrence Alert and Client Management

Invoicing and Alert Application

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The advantage of IA Application is helps you to manage client billing that has long recurrence time frame. An automatic alert is set for recurrence based on the last billed date.

IA Application is a basic application which can be used to build more complex applications such as Customer Relation Management (CRM), Service Request Management (SRM) and other custom applications.

Client Management

  • Create and manage client details.

  • Store and retrieve details such as contact person, address and etc

  • Client details stored are used in any other area that requires client details.

Create Invoice

  • Create invoice for service renders to clients.

  • Retrieve Invoice and it details for references.

  • Generate printable invoices for the clients.

Alerts & Reports

  • Get notified for renewal and recurring bills

  • Notification on unpaid invoices.

  • Generate various report with charts


  • Create and manage new users with contact details

  • Assign user with access rights

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