Inventory Management, Purchase Order, Invoicing, Delivery Order, Payroll Management, Alerts (Invoice term Payments) & Report Generation

Retail Workflow & Operations Automation

  • Single Product Focus

    We are a Pure Play vendor with single product focus. We have domain experts and researchers with vision and focus to continuously add value to the product.

  • User Friendliness

    Organizations choosing our products need not employ certified professionals to operate and teach others. It can be operated by anybody

  • Quick Implementation

    It does not take years to implement our products. With disciplined project management, we are able to ensure that the Product can quickly

IIP is a Professional software for SMEs who want a robust yet simple to use application to assist in their retail business.

IIP assists with operations automation and provides an overall view of the business via reports. Being a web-hosted application, it frees the busy entrepreneur individual from being tied down to a desktop PC and allows collaboration between multiple staffs.

Inventory Management

  • Track all inventory activity

  • Able to handle inventory with nested properties

  • Create your own unique item numbers

  • Adjusting of inventory if needed

Retail Work Flow

  • Manage Purchasing Order, Invoicing & Delivery Order

  • First in, first out rule

  • Credit note feature

  • Computer generated Invoice & Delivery order

Payroll Management

  • Manage staff and their details

  • Manage staff annual and sick leave

  • Computer computed & generated pay slip

  • Auto CPF calculations based on age and citizenship status

  • Provide staff with own credentials to see payroll and leave history

Alerts & Reports

  • Invoice due date alert for payment collection

  • Installment Alerts

  • Have an eagle's eye view of the business with various reports

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